About Us

We are committed to bringing life science technologies from around the world into the hands of every researcher. We capitalize on our technical knowledge and multi-national collaborations to add value at multiple stages of the research process to accelerate discovery and develop new technologies with far reaching applications.

Company Overview

B-Bridge was established in 2000 by CEO Hiro Masumoto to bring life science products from the United States into the Japanese market. In 2003 Mr. Masumoto co-founded Avocel Inc. with Stanford Professor Mark Kay. Avocel, a siRNA technology company, was later purchased by Benitec Ltd. Also co-founded in 2003 was STREX, Ltd of Japan. Even today, B-Bridge and STREX remain close collaborators to support instrument sales worldwide. B-Bridge has capitalized on its extensive and diverse network of business partners – distributors, suppliers, and business collaborators - to establish four distinct business units. Each business unit plays a unique role in the research and discovery process.

Company Address

B-Bridge International, Inc.

Santa Clara Office
3350 Scott Blvd. Suite 29,
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel : +1 408-252-6200
Fax : +1 408-252-6220
Email : info@b-bridge.com

Japan Office
10 Kanshuji Nishikitade-cho,
Yamashina-ku, Kyoto-shi,
Kyoto, JAPAN
Tel: 075-644-4160
Fax: 075-644-4161